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Perspectives for the profession of a marketerофесии маркетолога


International experts presented the professions that will be in demand on the labour market. Experts predict that in ten years on the market of goods and services there is a glut, therefore, the country will need a greater degree of marketers, strategists, task control system, focused on the production of various goods and serving the interests of producers and consumers, to conduct market research, to develop business plans, offer the most advantageous variants of investment of money.

Nowadays to continue the trend of supply and demand on marketers and business analysts claimed in any areas. There are professionals need in the field of service, sales consultants and specialists consultants narrow profile. In order to get the qualification of sales manager the best is to study specialty marketing. Determining your success in this endeavor will be a factor in sociability, activity and an innate ability to sell.



An extremely promising directions today an Internet advertising and Internet marketing (including work on social networks). These specialty necessarily require experience, but to get into this field and actively develop it is best to get the specialty marketer.

"Today many business companies face in the online space, so they will need specialists who can work online. If we are talking about marketing, then 2 years ago such specialties as SMM-specialist was not, these specialists were on weight in gold. Now this subject included in the universities, this teach marketers," says the expert.

Logistics Manager

Output on the world market will need professional financial advisors involved in the theory and practice of management of material and information flows in the process of moving goods.

Manager in retail


Financial crisis in 2014 significantly affect all industries, including the retail. However, the crisis will eliminate problems like rising land under construction and high rental rates, which would make the existing extensions accessible retail networks as well as access to the Ukrainian market of foreign companies. "This will facilitate the active growth for positions that require managerial and educational functions: network development executives, managers, heads of department store shopping, explain the experts.

Sales specialists

In this regard, the labour market experts also note that demand will remain specialists from sales of various levels, from ordinary sales representative to director of sales.