Bozhkova Viktoriya

Божкова В.В.

Degree, title: Doctor of Economics, Professor
Position: Professor of the Department of Marketing and MIA
Main courses: marketing policy of communications, merchandising, non-profit marketing
Research interests: innovations in marketing, merchandising, risk assessment, marketing communications, strategic planning etc.
Scientific and methodological works: 200 scientific publications including 13 monographs, 19 textbooks and manuals, 14 methodical instructions, 26 articles, 40 abstracts

Under her scientific guidance 8 dissertations were protected.


Participation in an internship in the Israel Parliament. Internship topic: "Greening of Parliaments - Theoretical and Practical Issues for the Knesset and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine" (Jerusalem, Israel, 2016).


Tel.: +38 (0542) 68-78-44

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