Melnik Yuliya

Мельник Ю.М.

Scientific degree, rank: PhD, associate professor

Occupation: Associated Professor of The Department of Marketing and Management of Innovation Activity

The basic disciplines: Marketing, Advertising and sales promotion, Strategic marketing, Marketing in anti-recessionary management, Economy of knowledge, Methodology of scientific researches

Scientific interests: strategic marketing, marketing strategy of growth, anti-recessionary marketing and marketing in anti-recessionary management, marketing of ecological innovations, strategy of providing a sustainable development, ecological marketing, regional strategic government

Scientifically-methodical works and publications: 2 textbooks in co-authorship, chapters in 4 textbooks, 7 sections in collective monographies, 21 articles in scientific editions, 6 methodical instructions, 64 reports at scientifically-practical conferences

Organizational work:

Member of the Organizing Committee of the International Scientific Conference "Marketing Innovation and Innovation in Marketing" (2007-2010);

Member of the Organizing Committee and Jury of Competition "Found yourself in Marketing", which is held for students of 10-11 grades of schools and students of educational institutions of I-II levels of accreditation in Sumy and Sumy region.

Certificate of the ECL International English Language Examination Level B2

Work with students:

  • participation in All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works "Youth masters Marketing" 2009 (student Savchenko O.), incentive award;
  • participation in II stage of All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works of section "publishing and editing ", 2009-2010 (student Drachuk O.).
  • participation in I stage of All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works of section "Marketing", 2010 (student Savchenko O.).

Тел.: +38 (0542) 68-78-44
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