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Conference "Marketing of innovations and innovations in marketing"

International Scientific Conference

"Marketing of innovations and innovations in marketing"

founded in 2007


Main topics of the conference:

  • methodological and theoretical foundations of marketing of innovations;
  • commodity innovation policy of a modern enterprise;
  • management of innovation lifecycle;
  • brand management in the context of marketing of innovations;
  • demand formation and promotion of innovative product on the market;
  • management of innovations' marketing risks;
  • potential of innovative development on the basis of marketing;
  • innovations in marketing;
  • new methods of marketing researches;
  • new strategies of the market segmenting;
  • modification of the product life cycle curve;
  • new marketing strategies and coverage of the target segment;
  • marketing of environmental innovations.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Participants: scientists, teachers of universities, doctoral students, graduate students, representatives of business, all who are interested in the topic of the conference.

Participants have the opportunity to publish articles on the conference problematics in the scientific professional journal "Marketing and Management of Innovations".


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