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Сontest "Find yourself in Marketing!"


In 2010, the Department of Marketing and MIA with the support of the Sumy City Council Department of Education and Science started the contest "Find yourself in Marketing!" for 10-11th year pupils of schools and educational institutions of I-II levels of accreditation.

Group of the contest VK

Aims of the contest:

  • stimulation of intellectual and cultural development of youth and increasing their social activity;
  • attracting young people to solve the acute social and economic problems of the city;
  • promoting awareness of youth in marketing;
  • detection and development the creative potential of youth.

An indicative list of directions for videos on social issues:

  • "Courtesy - the face of society" - the problem of improving of the ethical level of youths communication;
  • "Youth for Healthy Lifestyle" - problems of smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.;
  • problems of pollution of native city streets, parks and gardens;
  • assistance to orphan children;
  • assistance to older people and disabled people;
  • blood donation;
  • taking care of animals;
  • problem of live communication in the age of interactive communications;
  • problem of of teenage suicides;
  • "Parents and Children - the struggle of generations" - the problem of communication between different generations;
  • other urgent problems.

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