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About us

Students of the specialty “Marketing”, “Management of innovative activity” and "Exchange activity" are taught in full-time and correspondence forms, exploring the theoretical foundations and practical methods of organizing the activities of enterprises and institutions in market conditions.
Graduates receive a degree in economics ("Bachelor", "Specialist", "Master") with in-depth study of issues:

1. in “Marketing”:

  • technology of marketing research;
  • advertising and sales promotion;
  • building a marketing network;
  • product development and formation of commercial policy;
  • choice of pricing strategies and developing marketing pricing policies;
  • commercial activities of intermediary companies;
  • marketing management in the enterprise;
  • streamlining material and information flows in the enterprise;
  • marketing innovation;
  • preparation of marketing plans;
  • the use of information technologies and systems in marketing;
  • organization of marketing in industrial companies, small businesses in foreign trade activities;
  • merchandising.

2. in “Management of innovative activity”:

  • methodology of research;
  • technology transfer;
  • financial management;
  • use of informational systems in innovative activity;
  • economics of innovation enterprise;
  • innovation management;
  • intellectual property;
  • strategic management of innovation development of the enterprise;
  • innovative project management;
  • marketing of innovations;
  • systems analysis and adoption of innovative solutions;
  • creative management.

3. in "Exchange activity":

  • analysis of information exchange activities;
  • search and explore strategic partners and investors;
  • conducting monitoring market on domestic and international levels;
  • implementation of consulting services in exchange area;
  • development of strategic programs and tactical actions in exchange activities;
  • activity on corporate governance;
  • organization of asset management;
  • register of securities owners;
  • organization trade in the stock markets;
  • valuation of intellectual property;
  • transactions with sales of intellectual property.

Graduates majoring in “Marketing”, “Management of innovative activity” and "Exchange activity" are prepared for professional careers in small and medium business enterprises and institutions of different forms of ownership, production and nonproduction areas, local government, educational and scientific institutions, in that including:

  • companies and associations, including general;
  • financial institutions;
  • commercial, consulting, intermediary firms and advertising agencies;
  • stock exchanges, investment companies;
  • designing organizations and institutions;
  • scientific and educational institutions;
  • local and state governments at different levels as experts in business, marketing management, foreign economic activity.

Graduates majoring in “Marketing” may hold positions:

  • managers, entrepreneurs and professionals of individual, family and private enterprise;
  • professionals and managers of functional departments and services of enterprises and institutions;
  • professionals and managers of commercial departments of companies and associations;
  • professionals and managers of local and state government;
  • teachers of educational institutions in economics, management and marketing;
  • scientific workers.

Graduates majoring in “Management of Innovative Activities” may hold positions:

  • specialists in enterprise restructuring;
  • managers of innovative projects and programs;
  • managers of innovation development;
  • managers in the commercialization of intellectual property;
  • analysts consolidated information;
  • managers of regional development;
  • managers of small enterprises;
  • scientific workers.

Graduates majoring in “Exchange activity” may hold positions:

  • managers in financing activities;
  • managers of real estate transactions, leasing, renting and legal advice;
  • professionals in field of public service, auditing, accounting, labor and employment law, marketing, business efficiency, rationalization of production and intellectual property;
  • professionals in fields of economics;
  • agents with commercial services;
  • trade brokers.