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The I International Scientifically-Practical Conference “Marketing of innovations and innovations in marketing” (MIIM 2007) took place in Sumy State University . The conference was organized by the Department of Marketing and Sumy Regional Center for intellectual development.

More than 70 reports of scientists, doctorate students, teachers, post-graduate students, marketing experts of Ukrainian enterprises and establishments have been presented at the conference.

Marketing of innovations can be defined as an activity directed on search of new spheres and ways of use of enterprise potential, developing of new goods, technologies and their advancement in the market. Its purpose is satisfaction of consumers’ requirements and inquiries in more effective than competitors way, the stable profit reception and maintenance of enterprise long survival and development.

The analysis of world tendencies of economic development shows that the role of marketing of innovations steadily grows. In turn, many-sided nature and a variety of modern and promptly developing marketing toolkit actualize and stimulate to scientific researches on innovations in marketing. Hence, the urgency of subjects of conference for scientists and specialists in marketing is doubtless.

Organizers of the conference set as the purpose a generalization of the newest methodological, theoretical and methodical positions of marketing of innovations, an experience exchange of its providing in practical activities of the enterprises and establishments and an experience of application of new marketing methods and technologies.

Conference materials include developments of representatives of 20 higher educational institutions and scientific organizations: Sumy State University; Sumy National Agrarian University; Council for Ukraine’s Productive Forces Studies of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv; Odesa State Economic University; Poltava university of consumers' cooperative society of Ukraine; Institute of economy and forecasting of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv; Lviv Polytechnic National University; Odesa national polytechnic university; Institute of business, economy and information technologies; National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnical Institute"; Kharkov national economic university; State Higher Educational Institution Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine, Sumy; Customs Service Academy of Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk); National Mountain University of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk); Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University, Lugansk; Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University;Borispil municipal management institute; Waikato Management School, Hamilton, New Zealand; Irbid National University, Jordan; Marketing and Consumer Behavior Group, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Experts of enterprises and establishments took part in the conference. Experts presented their reports during the course of “round tables”: Close Joint-Stock Company “Grain-trading company “Allseeds-Ukraine” (Kyiv); Private Firm “Borlas Ukraine”; Sumy youth public organization "Fund of Regional Initiatives"; National Joint-Stock Company “Ukragrolising”, Sumy Branch; Marketing Communications Agency "MART" (Kyiv); Joint-Stock Company “Beeline”, Sumy and Kharkov branches; Sumy Commercial and Industrial Chamber; Private Firm “МЦФТ”; Advertising agency “VIP media group”and others.

9 doctors of sciences, 24 candidates of sciences, teachers, post-graduate students and 18 representatives of Ukrainian enterprises and establishments took part in the conference.

The following thematic directions have been captured during the plenary session and in a course of “round tables”:methodological, theoretical and methodical bases of marketing of innovations; commodity innovative policy of the modern enterprise; strategic marketing approaches to developing of new goods; trade mark management (in a context of marketing of innovations); the demand formation and advancement of an innovative product on the market; a management of the enterprises’ potential of innovative development according to the marketing principles; marketing of ecological innovations.

Among the most substantial and interesting reports of the academic and high school science representatives is necessary to note the following: “Innovative aspects of XXI century marketing” (PhD, N. Karpenko); “Strategic marketing approach to directions formation of developing of new goods” (doctor of economics, V. Zaruba); “Conceptual bases of the enterprise commodity innovative strategy developing on principles of marketing of innovations” (doctor of economics, S. Illiyashenko); “Trade mark as an intellectual active in activity of enterprise” (S. Makhnusha).

The great interest was caused by reports of the experts, that light up the scientifically-applied aspects of marketing of innovations: “Costs separation of innovations advancement strategy realization in the consumer market” (M. Baskakova), “Industrial branding features” (N. Ivashova); “Influence of innovations installation on international company strategic targets realization” (PhD, O. Olefirenko).

The considerable attention has been given to questions of ecological innovations marketing. It is necessary to note the following reports: “Motivation formation of ecological innovations consumption” (PhD, O. Prokopenko); "Problems of advancement innovative ресурсосберегающих technologies in Ukraine" (PhD, I. Sotnik); “Ecological innovations marketing and an enterprise economic mechanism” (doctor of economics, E. Mishenina); “Ecological business as the factor of innovative development” (doctor of economics, E. Hlobystov).

Did not remain without attention a question of intellectual capital use activization and application of an information technology in marketing. It is necessary to note the following reports: “Organization marketing environment in the Internet” (M. Botushan); “Estimation features of an of the intellectual capital in innovative activity” (PhD, O. Sumina); "Innovational development - the competitiveness precondition of Ukrainian enterprises" (T. Pecherska); “Creative potential as a source of commodity innovations” (doctor of economics, I. Galitsya).

Representatives of the conference official partners have acted with enterprises (organizations) presentations, their achievements and problems analysis.

Participants of conference have made the decision to carryout the conference "Marketing of innovations and innovations in marketing" next year on the basis of Sumy State University. It has been noted that similar practice will have great value for activization of scientific researches on innovations in marketing.