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2015 29 09 2

September 24-25, 2015 the ІХ International scientifical-practical conference "Marketing of innovations and innovations in marketing" (MIIM 2015) took place on the basis of the Department of Marketing and MIA of the Sumy State University.

On the 9th conference materials from 122 participants were received. Among them are 23 doctors, 54 PhD, 20 post-graduate students, 4 teachers, 8 assistants, 7 students and 3 enterprise representatives.

The geography of the conference participants: Belarus (Grodno, Vitsebsk), Poland (Chenstohovo, Bielsko-Biala), Ukraine (Sumy, Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv, Dnepropetrovsk, Ternopil, Khmelnitskiy, Chernigov, Kirovograd, Krivoy Rog,  Kramatorsk, Krasnoarmiysk, Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Sloviyansk).


Materials of the conference include the developments from 36 universities and scientific organizations, among them 4 are foreign.

The developments of domestic and foreign enterprises’ and organizations’ representatives also are presented in the conference, namely:

  • "Turbomash" ltd., Sumy;
  • NGO "Center of territory and social marketing "Trytoriya", Sumy.
  • LLC "Turbomash", Sumy.

IX International Scientific Conference "Marketing of innovations and innovations in marketing" passed in 5 sections:

  • Marketing of innovations;
  • Innovations in Marketing;
  • Eco-marketing and eco-management;
  • Problems of innovative development;
  • Innovation management.


2015 29 09 4Among the most meaningful and compelling presentations that covered the methodological and theoretical aspects of marketing of innovation and marketing innovation, should note the following: "Research stages of the innovation life cycle of goods " (Doctor of Economics, Professor academician of Academy of Economic Science, Pererva P.), "Green modernization of Ukraine's economy " (Doctor of Economics, Potapenko V.), "Modern challenges of marketing theory and marketing research" (Doctor of Economics, prof. Fedorchenko A.), "Mechanisms of achieving sustainable ecological and economic development (including objectives harmonizing domestic legislation to the EU)" (Doctor of Economics of "Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development NASU" Zharova L.), "The innovative potential of international Ukrainian environmental policy " (Doctor of Economics, prof. Hlobystov Ie.), "Psychological features of organic products perception" (PhD, associate professor Bilotkach I.), "Methodological approaches to assessing the energy potential of natural resource systems" (PhD, associate professor Segeda I.), "Methodological provision of reengineering of business processes industry" (PhD, associate professor Taraniyk L.), "Marketing strategies of ecological modernization of socio-economic systems" (PhD, associate professor Shkarupa O.), "Environmental conflicts: the nature and conditions for development of political and economic crisis in Ukraine" (assistant Podolska A.).

Overall, during the IX International scientific-practical conference “Marketing of Innovations and Innovations in Marketing” the following issues were covered:

  • methodological and theoretic and methodical foundations of marketing innovation;
  • nonprofit marketing;
  • marketing of education, sports;
  • bank marketing;
  • Internet Marketing;
  • brand management within the context of marketing innovation;
  • management of innovation marketing risks;
  • management of potential of innovative development on the basis of marketing;
  • innovations in marketing;
  • marketing of environmental innovations.

2015 29 09 6

By tradition, this year's conference is also in the on-line broadcast. Welcoming speech was made by professor Krykavsky E. (NU "Lviv Polytechnic"), who also noted the importamce of the conference. In the webinar participants had an opportunity to hear a report of Shulgina L. (Doctor of Economics, professor of National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute") on the topic "Technology marketing tourism products pricing in the market."

The first day ended with a trip to Sumy plant "Kerameya" - the company, which specializes in the production of clinker ceramic brick where participants acquainted with the peculiarities of the production process and has recently opened a new production line. Then the tour continued by walking on Sumy historical places.

The second day was assigned to work on roundtable on prospects for the development of digital marketing in Ukraine. In particular, the following topics were discussed: 

  • "The evolution of approaches to promoting cloud services for business automation" (Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing and MIA Karpishchenko A.)
  • “SMM as a way of attracting students to the university" (Post-graduate student Marketing and MIA Derykolenko A.).
  • The need of rational investing in the development of marketing Internet communications as an example of the type of B2C -" Studio avtormira »(graduate of the Department of Marketing and MIA Korinchenko D.).

By results of the IX International scientific-practical conference “Marketing of innovations and innovations in marketing” a collective monograph will be published, the best papers will be published in the professional journal "Marketing and Management of Innovations» (№4, 2015), which is indexed in many international databases.

To watch the photoreport: 1 day of the Conference, 2 day of the Conference

Conference materials