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Research and scientific activity of the department of marketing

Research School

by Doctor of Economics, Professor Serhii Illiashenko
"Marketing and management of innovations, innovations in marketing"
Since 1995

Key research areas:

  • methodological, theoretical and practical principles of innovative marketing;
  • application of innovative approaches in marketing;
  • management of innovative development based on market principles at the state, region, individual company or organization level;
  • environmental marketing and management;
  • management of the company's intellectual capital.
  • mechanism of Implementation of environmental innovation;

  • online business and internet marketing;

  • corporate culture of the company;

  • innovative enterprise culture;

  • WEB-culture.



Textbooks and tutorials

Research within the Research Institute of Economics of NAS and MES of Ukraine:

Themes of the scientific researches


In 2007, the annual international scientific conference "Marketing of innovations and innovations in marketing" was founded.

In 2010, the scientific journal "Marketing and Management of Innovations" was founded.