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The key research areas

Teachers and post-graduate students of the Department of Marketing and MIA actively participate in scientific-methodical conferences on marketing topics. Every year they participate in dozens of scientific-methodical conferences of different levels.

Teachers of the Department of marketing and MIA regularly publish articles (up to 60 articles per year) in leading professional journals of Ukraine and other countries.

Key research areas:

  • methodological and theoretical foundations  of innovative marketing;
  • innovative development management of enterprisers on the basis of marketing;
  • organizational and economic mechanisms and instruments of formation and development of the environmental innovations market;
  • methods of management of enterprise' marketing risks and innovation risks;
  • problems of industrial marketing;
  • problems of motivation in consumer demand;
  • intangible assets management, etc.

In February, 2010, the Department founded the publication of the scientific journal "Marketing and Management of Innovations".

In 2002, the Department opened a post-graduate school, and in 2003 - doctorate. The post-graduate school educates post-graduate students in specialty 08.00.04 - Economics and management of enterprises (which includes marketing). OIn general, post-graduate students of the Department defended 19 candidate theses and 3 doctoral thesis.

The head of the Department of Marketing and MIA, Doctor of Economics, Prof. Serghii Illiashenko is the Chairman of the specialised scientific council D 55.051.01 at Sumy State University.