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Themes of Researches under the Problematic Research Laboratory of Business and Marketing

Within the framework of the Problematic Research Laboratory of Business and Marketing are carried below topics.

Budget themes:

Initiative themes:

Grants of the President of Ukraine:

  • GP/F13/0108 "Formation of Mechanism of innovative enterprises' management in environmental trends";
  • GP/F27/0080 "The mechanism of the strategic management of innovative development", SR № 0110U001879;
  • GP/F32/0087 "The formation the management mechanism of innovative potential of industrial enterprises in the context of the concept of sustainable development", SR № 0111U004965;
  • 0117U001682 "Formation of the management mechanism of products'distribution at the industrial enterprises on the innovative basis" (F70/119-2017);
  • 0115U001683 "Formation of the management mechanism of the industrial enterprises internal communications under conditions ofindustrial markets transformation" (F70/120-2017)
  • F75/2018 Development of a balanced internal communications scorecard for the enterprise as a basis for the formation of long-term development strategy in conditions of market volatility (0118U0055180)

International grants and projects:

Self-supporting themes:

  • "The development of methodological tools for managing the enterprise product policy" (2005);
  • "Investigation of potential and existing dealers of the client" (2010);
  • "Analysis of the Ukrainian markets of household chemicals" (2011);
  • "The development of the media plan for advertising campaign" (2012);
  • "The development of economic analysis tools for industrial enterprises diagnosing" (2012)
  • "The development and implementation of tools for economic analysis of the industry" (2013);
  • "Scientific and technical consulting for the PJSC "Sumy Frunze NPO" staff" (2013);
  • "Diagnosis of innovative enterprise culture" (2014);
  • "Development of marketing strategy of Ltd."Art Soldi" (2015).

State budget support:

  • VI International Scientific and Ppactical Conference "Marketing of Innovations and Innovations in Marketing" (2013). Contract № МК/9-2013 (June 05, 2013).

Under the guidance of Doctor of Economics, Prof. Sergiy Illyashenko in the Department of Marketing a scientific school specialised in the following areas of scientific activity is founded:

  • marketing of innovations;
  • innovative management;
  • management of innovative development;
  • innovative marketing tools;
  • environmental marketing.