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smileiwanttosmileThe Department of Marketing of Sumy State University provides training of students in three specialties: "Marketing" (bachelors), "Marketing" (Masters)"Management of Innovative Activity" and "Exchange Activity". Teachers of the department are experienced specialists in marketing. Thus, they receive Grants and Scholarships (i.e. of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine or of the President of Ukraine) every year.

In 2010, an annual competition for pupils of 10-11 classes "Find yourself in marketing" was founded by the Department of Marketing in cooperation with the Sumy Region Department of Education.

During studies on the Department of Marketing and MIA (in full-time or external forms) students get the opportunity to study by modern methodics of training (including in game form), participate in conferences, olympiads and scientific conferences.

The Scientific and studying center of marketing researches is created at the Department of Marketing. Students of the department can simultaneously with theoretical knowledges get practical experience in this center.

Our students can simultaneously receive two diplomas:

  • basic diploma(specialist or master's degree) after the chosen specialty ("Marketing" or "Management of Innovative Activity");
  • second diploma (after direction "Law" or "Informatics").

There is a modern library with the wide choice of educational literature on a marketing subject in SumSU, where all conditions for comfortable working and learning are created. Also students can visit and work in computer classes with access to the Internet.

In spare time students can visit in gyms, fitness trainings, sport sections, swimming pool and visit the SumSU ski base.

Every year the Department of Marketing and MIA in a solemn atmosphere celebrates the professional holiday "The Marketer Day". During the celebration all 5th year students get the Certificates.

Throughout the studies students participate actively in life of the Department. In addition to studying and research work, students help to organize concerts and various events, create promotional videos and brochures.

Official presentation of the Department

An interview with the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management Prokopenko O. and the Head of the Department of Marketing Illiashenko S.

If you are artistic and creative person, if you dream to get a modern interesting profession - come to study at the Department of Marketing of Sumy State University!