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Methodological support

The educational process is fully provided with teaching materials: textbooks and tutorials, methodical instructions, handout materials, etc.

Teachers of the Department have published:

  • Textbooks approved by MES of Ukraine: more than 25
  • Textbooks approved by MES of Ukraine: more than 30
  • Lecture notes: 40
  • Methodical instructions: 70

There is an electronic database of teaching materials in the department. The database includes: the texts of lectures and methodical instractions; presentations; tasks for tests, papers, term papers, final works of bachelor, specialist and master thesis; tasks for self-check, etc.

During the training process the textbooks of authors from other universities (including foreign translations) are used.

Work programs, lecture notes and methodical instructions are developed for all discipline courses.

Work programs of disciplines, textbooks, tutorialsals, methodical instructions, journals and monographs on marketing topics, theses and abstracts of theses are stored in the methodical cabinet of thr department.

The electronic versions of textbooks are developed.

The department has electronic archive of abstracts of teachers theses.

A training packages for the control of marketing knowledge are developed.