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Documents for admission

dokumentyAccording to decision of Cabinet of Ministry’s of Ukraine # 1238 from 05.08.1998 “About the admission of students and persons without citizenship, who come to study at Higher Educational Establishments” the admission of studying is conducted in accordance with:

  • International agreement of Ukraine;
  • All-state Programs;
  • Agreement made by Higher Educational Establishments with legal and individual persons.

Foreign citizens give to Higher Educational Establishments such documents as:

  1. questionnaire of due/standard form;
  2. copy of the document about education and about marks in academic subject (balls);
  3. documents certifying absence of AIDS;
  4. medical certificate certified by the official health authorities of the country where the foreign student came from. The certificate should be issued not earlier than 2 month before his arrival to Ukraine;
  5. insurance policy on rendering emergency medical aid to foreign students;
  6. copy of birth certificate;
  7. 6 photos size 40x60 mm;
  8. a return ticket with open data date with term for 1 (one) year to go back home;
  9. national passport is given personally.

Documents in paragraph 2, 4, 6 must assure in accordance with laws of the country which gave it and they must legalize in established order.

Candidates for studying in English must pass an English test in order to show their English level.

Candidates for studying in Russian (Ukrainian) language must have an interview.

Candidates for studying at master’ courses or post-graduate courses must nostrify educational documents (the procedure of nostrification take place in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in another country).

Foreign citizens are to come to Ukraine within the period from August 15 till November 15. Entry visa is opened on the grounds of the official invitation.


NOTE! All students from other cities/countries are placed in a hostel.