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Levels and areas of training

Department of Marketing has the highest IV level of accreditation.

Areas of training: 0305 "Economics and entrepreneurship" and "Specific Categories"

Specialties: 8.03050701 "Marketing", 8.18010012 "Management of innovative activity" and 8.18010009 "Exchange activity".

Training students is held with two levels - Bachelor and Specialist / Master, in full-time and external forms.

The department also retrains specialists from among persons with non-core higher education (specialist, master) for the level of a Specialist in "Marketing" and Master in "Management of innovative Activity" or "Exchange activity".

Training terms:

In "Marketing":

  • Full-time form: Bachelor - 4 years, Specialist / Master - 1 year;
  • External form: Bachelor - 1 year, Specialist / Master - 1 year;
  • Retraining form: Specialist - 2.5 years in full-time form / 3 years in external form.

In "Management of innovative activity":

  • Full-time form: Master - 1.5 years;
  • External form: Master - 1.5 years.

In "Exchange activity":

  • Full-time form: Master - 1 year.