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First National Conference on Blended Learning

2017 01 27

The first National Conference "Digital communication in the global environment. Blended learning" was hosted at National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” on January 27, 2017. The Department of Marketing and MIA was represented at the event by Associate Professor Shipulina Julia.

The conference was attended by Director of the Department of Higher Education  (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine) Oleg Sharov, Vice-Chancellor of NTU KPI Yuriy Yakimenko, co-founder of the famous Ukrainian platform of the massive open online courses «Prometheus» Ivan Prymachenko and representatives from more than 60 universities of Ukraine.

Delegates raised very relevant questions about the "triangle of death" of Ukrainian education, shared their experience in developing and implementing of massive online courses, discussed problems and prospects of blended learning technologies.


Furthermore, there is an official agreement on cooperation and mutual relations that was signed between NGO "Prometeus" and the SSU on December 24, 2016.

The game "Find yourself in marketing" was hosted in the shopping center "Manufactura"

2017 01 20 1

January 20, 2017 the game "Find yourself in marketing" took place in the shopping center “Manufactura”.  

The game regularly provided by the Department of Marketing and MIA of SSU. The game was attended by over 60 people: students of SSU, students of Mashinebuilding College, students of Cooperative College, pupils of Sumy city and Sumy region (Nyzivska school, Sumy Gymnasium №1, Regional boarding school for talented and creative children, Alexandrovskaya Gymnasium, Sumy Specialized School №29 ).


Managing economic growth: marketing, management, and innovations

mmi tytul 2016

Department of Marketing and MIA published a collective monograph, prepared based on the X International scientific and practical conference "Marketing of innovations and innovations in marketing".

This monograph continues the series of books, that have released the results of International scientific-practical conference «Innovations marketing and innovations in marketing». The scientific results that are presented in the monograph reveal the theoretical-methodological and methodical aspects of innovative development management at different levels of aggregation (individual enterprise or establishment, industry, national economy, etc.) on the basis of innovation marketing, which is considered as the activity which has been directed on search of new spheres and ways of the enterprise potential use, on this basis new products (goods or services) development and technologies of their promotion on the market in order to meet the consumers’ needs and demands more effectively than competitors way due to this, getting profits and ensuring the long-term survival and development in the market.

Illiashenko, S.M., Strielkowski, W. (eds.). Managing economic growth: marketing, management, and innovations. 1st edition, Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement: Prague,ISBN 978-80-906210-0-8, 2016. - 640 pages.


Cooperation with Polish colleagues

On the period 13-20th of December, 2016 a Head of the Department of Marketing and MIA Doctor of Economics, Professor Illyashenko S.M. held seminars for Bachelors and Masters of specialties "Management" and lectures on topic "Methodology of scientific researches" and the University of Economics and Humanities. The visit took place under an agreement between the SSU and The University of Economics and Humanities (WSEH).

He also held lectures and took exams in courses "Methodology of scientific research."

Illyashenko S.M. in collaboration with Ph.D., Assoc. Professor Belovodska O.A. and Ph.D. Grishchenko O.F. filed chapter to collective monograph "Problems of modern logistics" (in English) to be published in Poland.

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