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Theoretical and practical conference (direction “Marketing“)

April 20-21, 2011, in the Department of Marketing of the Sumy State University a theoretical and practical conference for teachers, employees, postgraduate students and students of Faculty of Economics and Management (direction “Marketing“) was held. The work of the conference was divided in the following sections:

  • « Marketing »;
  • « Marketing Researches »;
  • « Innovative Marketing »;
  • « Educational Marketing ».

During the conference a wide range of scientific problems of marketing, marketing researches, educational marketing, innovative marketing with both theoretical and practical sides were highlighted. It is worth noting the high level of preparation, persistence, activity of students during the conference and their interest in researches’ further developing. We must admit the active participation of 1st and 2nd year students, their ability to prove his own opinion and offer effective practical approaches to scientific research.

After the conference in each section the winners were determined:

Section "Marketing"

1st place – Lyubov Syhyda, MK-61. Supervisor – PhD, associate professor Bilovodska O.A.;
2nd place – Yana Kovalenko, MK-91. Supervisor – post-graduate Domashenko M.D.;
3rd place – Alina Eremenko, Xenia Chernyak (MK-01). Supervisor - post-graduate Golysheva Ie.O.

Section "Innovative Marketing"
1st place – Anna Rosohata, MK-61. Supervisor – PhD, senior teacher – Illyashenko N.S.;
2nd place – Marina Puzikova, MK-61. Supervisor – PhD, associate professor Bilovodska O.A.;
3rd place – Christina Zayats, MK-81. Supervisor – PhD, senior teacher – Mitsura O.O.

Section "Marketing Researches"
1st place – Nataliya Gaydabrus, MK-71. Supervisor – PhD, associate professor Bilovodska O.A.;
2nd place – Nataliya Petrushko, Elena Shevchenko, MK-91. Supervisor – post-graduate Sager L.Yu.

Section "Educational Marketing"
1st place – Marina Khyzhnyak, Yulia Sirik, MK-81. Supervisor - doctor of economics, professor Illyashenko S.M.

For an interesting, meaningful report and active participation Marina Bilan and Tatiana Ivanova (gr. MK-01) were noted by the encouraging diploma.

Congratulations to the winners and a gratitude to all participants and their supervisers for active and fruitful work during the conference.

Innovative ideas of the youth in social-economic development of Ukraine in the 21st century


April 14-15, 2011 on the basis of Zaporozhe National University there was held the V International student conference “Innovative ideas of the youth in social-economic development of Ukraine in the 21st century. The representatives of more than 60 Ukrainian towns took part in the conference. Our university was represented by the student of the marketing department Scherbachenko Victoria.

The participants of the conference introduced their researches in four sections. The work of Victoria Scherbachenko “Intellectual capital as the basis of innovative economic system” (supervisor – the Candidate of Economics, associate professor of the department of economic theory – Shkola Victoria) was awarded with a diploma in one of four nominations; in particular “For practical solution of urgent economic problems”. One should note that it is not the first success of Victoria. Among the latest achievements is the 3d place in All-Ukrainian contest of students’ scientific works. We congratulate her on the victory and wish her further success!

All-Ukraine competition on a speciality "Marketing"


April 15, 2011, students of chair of marketing participated in 2nd stage of the All Ukraine competition on a specialty "Marketing" which was held on the basis of the Kiev National Trade and Economic University. Following the results of competitive day Rosohataja Anna, 5 year student of the Department of Marketing, has occupied 3rd place and the 4th year student Ivanitsky Igor has been noted by the diploma for original solving of the competition’s tasks.

Congratulations to the winners!

The cup of "The golden integral for seniors" - goes to the FEM students!


April 13, 2011 for the first time in history of the university the event called "The golden integral for seniors" took place at the assembly hall. Despite the lack of time the students of FEM demonstrated not only their brightest talents, but also got the victory and received the maximum number of nominations. Dean of the Faculty expresses special thanks to all students who participated and organized the performance, especially Svitlana Aksenova, Inna Bondarenko, Roman Holentsi, Irina Kudryashova, Elena Herman, Marina Khyzhnyak, Julia Romantsova, Julia Cherniavsky, Vladimir Tyhenku.

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