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The Victory in the Students Research Papers Contest

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25 May, 2017 All-Ukrainian students research papers contest on maketing «Young masters Marketing» was held on the basis of Kyiv National University of Economic.

Student of the specialty "Marketing" of the Department of Marketing and MIA Danyliuk Yulia awarded III degree diploma. Smilyanskyi Artem and Bulatova Alina work was awarded a diploma for the successful combination of technology market research (scientific supervisor – PhD L. Saher).


Congratulations to the students and their scientific supervisors with significant achievements and wishes of further achievements.

Educational and scientific activities in Poland

2017 05 1709-16.05.2017 head of the Department of Marketing and MIA prof. Sergii Illiashenko visited Higher School of Economics and Humanities of Bielsko-Biala (Poland). During the visit, he gave lectures, got the examination session on the discipline «Marketing». He also provided seminars for bachelor and master students of specialty "Management". In addition, he negotiated with representatives of several Polish universities on joint participation in research and preparation of joint publications.

School MarketMixer Lviv

From 25 to 28 April 2017 under the agreement on internal academic mobility between the Department of Marketing and MIA of Sumy State University and the Department of Marketing and Logistics of "Lviv Polytechnic" was held the first visit of representatives of the SSU to Lviv.

Representatives of the Department of Marketing and MIA were 6 teachers, 12 students of the second course of "Marketing" and 5 students-winners of the contest "Find yourself in marketing".

During the visit students of SSU had lectures on marketing topic which were held by teachers of the Department of marketing and logistics of "Lviv Polytechnic".

In addition to the training program an interesting excursions were organized by the host.

The staff of the Department of Marketing and MIA would like to thank colleagues for their cooperation and waiting for oncoming visit of teachers and students of "Lviv Polytechnic" to SSU.

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Start-up Project have occupied the 3rd Place

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27 April, 2017 on the basis of Semen Kuznets Kharkov National Economic University the X International Student contest of Advertising and PR-projects “The Golden Compass in memory of Oleksiy Kononov” took place. 

20 teams including 1 team from the Department of Marketing and Management of Innovative Activity of the Sumy State University passed to the shortlist of the contest. The jury was attended by leading experts in the field of marketing, advertising and PR, representatives of business, government and academic environments.

The team of students, namely Vertiuchenko Alina, Golyshevskaya Kateryna, Zakharchenko Dariia and Prokopenko Maryna, have presented a start-up project «Youth friendly clinic ». According to the results of presentation and session of questions from the jury of the contest the project have occupied a 3rd place.

The scientific advisor of the project was Ph.D, Associate Professor of the Department of Marketing and Management of Innovative Activity Gryshchenko O. F.

We congratulate the students with victory and wish future success!

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