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Achievements of the Department of Marketing and MIA

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Successful Diplomas Defense on Marketing direction

8-20 June, 2018 at the department of Marketing and MIA а master's and bachelors diplomas protection of students of specialty “Marketing” took place.

It should be noted that the diplomas have distinguished with the wide range of research problems and advanced techniques.  In particular, students investigated following topics: solution of topical problems of enterprises and institutions marketing activity, planning the innovative activity of enterprises, innovative approaches to the analysis of enterprise policy, formation and implementation of innovative strategies for enterprises of different industries, innovations in marketing, etc.

Teaching Staff welcomes students with a successful defense and wish further success in careers! Congratulations to the students on successful defense, thanks for the good study and wish further success in careers!

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Development of Cooperation with Polish Colleagues

2018 01 06

In the period of holidays at his own expense (May 22-29, 2018) head of the Department of Marketing and MIA, Doctor of Economics, professor Illyashenko S. visited Poland in accordance with the agreement between the SSU and the Higher Economics and Humanities School, he held seminars for undergraduate and masters who study in the direction of Management.

He also attended the marketing class held by Grzegorz Puda, deputy of the Sejm of Poland, for the WSEH students and teachers (who previously worked in management positions in business).

As a member of the WSEH Senate Ilyashenko S. took part in its meeting where development issues in 2018-2019 were discussed.

Victory in the 2nd stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on the academic discipline "Agrarian Marketing"

On May 22-24, 2018, the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on the academic discipline "Agrarian Marketing" was held on the basis of the Taurian State Agrotechnological University.

Student of the specialty "Marketing" Vakulishina Irina (MK-61) took the third place among bachelors, and also won the second place in the contest of scientific and creative projects.

Congratulations on the victory of the student and her supervisor (Doctor of Economics, Prof. Bozhkova V.V.) and wish you further success!


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