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B2 Sertificates

November 20, 2017 Bilovodska OlenaIlliashenko Nataliia, Vashchenko Tetiana have successfully passed the ECL test (English) and received a certificate of proficiency (level B2). The certificate is provided by the European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages. The ECL certificate gives the recommendation for studying and working in the English speaking countries.

2017 07 12

Participation of Professor Ilyashenko S. in Сonferences at the Kiev National Trade and Economic University

November 23, 2017, Head of the Department of Marketing and MIA, doctor of science, professor Ilyashenko S.М. Participated in the conferences held at the KNTEU:

  • The 7th All-Ukrainian Conference of Heads of Marketing and Advertising Departments, which discussed the issues of improving marketing educational standards (Bachelor's and Master's degrees).
  • 11th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Advertising: Integration of Theory and Practice" with the report "Features of Application of Internet Technologies for the Advancement of a Scientific Journal", which highlights the experience of advancing in the Internet magazine "Marketing and Management of Innovations".

2017 27 11


Our Students are Winners of the 13th Ukrainian Advertising Festival

On November 23, 2017, the Kyiv National Commerce and Economics University (KNETU) hosted a series of events within the framework of the 13th Ukrainian Student Advertising Festival (USFR):

  1. Master-class from the leading advertisers of Ukraine.
  2. Award ceremony for the winners of the 13th WSFR. More than 600 works were sent to the contest in various nominations. The Jury were leading advertisers-practices of Ukrainian and international companies.

The results of the competition:

  • Second place in the nomination "Commercial Video" was created by a pupil of the Nizy Secondary School Kuratchenko Anna (under the direction of Associate Professor of the Department of Marketing and MIA, Ph.D., associate professor Bilovodska O. and teacher of Nizy Secondary School Snopchenko Yu.).
  • The third place in the nomination "Outdoor advertising" was created by the students of the specialty "Marketing" of the Sumy State University Svitlana Kostornova and Katerina Pisarenko (under the direction of Assistant of the Department of Marketing and MIA, Ph.D. Gaidabrus N.).

Competitive works were presented at the exhibition of the best works of the USFR.

2017 25 11



Participation in the Conference

On November 16-17, 2017 teachers of the Department of Marketing and Management of Innovative Activity Saher L.Yu. and Syhyda L.O. took part in International scientific conference “Business Strategy: Entrepreneurial Context” at the “Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman”.

During the conference, burning problems of companies’ strategy formation and the institutional and organizational aspects of the small and medium business development in Ukraine were lively discussed. Within the panel discussions, scientists, entrepreneurs, businesspersons and consultants identified institutional and competitive challenges for enterprise’s strategy formation and formed professional portrait of a modern entrepreneur. 

2017 21 11 0

2017 21 11 1

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