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Participation in the Conference

March 29-30, 2018 professors of the Department of Marketing and MIA Doctors of Economics, Ilyashenko S. and Teletov O. participated in the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference "Marketing of Education in Ukraine", which was held at KNEU. They made reports on topics "Peculiarities of the educational process at the university in the conditions of informatization of society" and "Long-term mutually beneficial partnerships in the activities of higher education", as well as participated in discussing the results of the conference. According to the results of the conference a monograph will be published which will include the reports of the participants.

2018 02 04




Working Holiday of Professor Illyashenko S.

2017 25 01

In the period of short-term holiday at his own expense (19.02-26.02.2018) Head of the Department of Marketing and MIA, Doctor of Economics, Professor Ilyashenko S. visited Poland (Bielsko-Biała), where, according to the agreement between the SSU and the Higher School of Economics and Humanities (VSEGH), he held a series of seminars for undergraduate and masters who study  "Management". It should be noted that according to the decision of the Senate of the HSEC, the thesis may be presented in one of three forms: a standard release; working project implemented at the enterprise or institution; published scientific article of a research character. The degree of a thesis (a master's or a bachelor's degree) student determines independently. The protection is based on the standard procedure.


Illyashenko S. also met with a group of graduates who previously defended master's work under his supervising.

Thanks from students:

2018 02 03

Master's Theses Defending in Poland

February 18, 2018, the head of the department of marketing and MIA, Doctor of Economics, professor Ilyashenko S. took a distance participation (through Skype) in the Master's theses defend at the School of Economics and Humanities (WSEH) in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. He participated as a professor at WSEH and a supervisor of 8 master's papers defended on that day.

Publication of Monographs

monogr bilovodska syhydamonogr sagerThe monographs of the teachers of the Department of Marketing and Management of Innovative Activity Saher L.Yu. (“Management of internal communications of enterprises: theory, methodology, practice”) and Syhyda L.O., Bilovodska O.A. (“Management of marketing channels of industrial enterprises on an innovative basis”). The main scientific results obtained in the framework of grants of the President of Ukraine for young scientists are published in the monographs. In particular, the conceptual principles of the products distribution in the enterprise management system and the issue of internal communications management at enterprises in the conditions of the transformation of the branch markets are considered.

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