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Another Victory of Students Marketers

21th of March, 2017 the final stage of the All-Ukrainian Students Research Papers Contest "Marketing, personnel management and labor economics" was held on the basis of Kharkiv National Economic University.

Among the 38 participants-finalists that were selected from more than 150, students of specialty "Marketing" of the Department of Marketing and MIA of SSU won:

  • I degree diplomas awarded 4th year students Danko Angelina and Pihul Paul (scientific supervisor – PhD, assoc. prof. Belovodska O.)
  • III degree diploma awarded 4th year student Danyluk Julia (scientific supervisor – Sager L.).

Congratulations to the students and their scientific supervisors with significant achievements and wishes of further achievements.

2017 22 03

Training about the peculiarities of human brain

March 18, 2017 within the contest "Find Yourself in Marketing!" a training on the topic "Technology of Creative Solutions" was held by Khizhnyak Marina, a graduate of the Department of Marketing and MIA, UX-designer design studio Bamboo in.

The training was attended by 40 people: students of SSU, Engineering College, Sumy College of Economy and Trade and pupils of Sumy schools (secondary school № 10, 12, 15, 20 and 29).

Marina told how the human brain and why it needs to be developed, shared interesting exercises that help develop creative thinking and told some interesting cases.

At the end of the training Head of Marketing and MIA Illyashenko S. presented certificates to all participants of the training and invited them to participate in the contest "Find Yourself in Marketing!". He also noted that the main prize is a FREE three-day trip to Lviv. According to the terms participation and regulations can be found on the site konkurs.sumdu.marketing.


2017 20 03

Teaching in Poland

From 7 to 14 March, 2017 Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Marketing and MIA of SSU Illyashenko S. visited the Republic of Poland. He had lectures on marketing and held seminars for bachelors and masters enrolled in "Management" in the Higher School of Economics and Humanities (Bielsko-Biala).

He also held talks with Polish colleagues on joint participation in the request for scientific grants different levels.


2017 16 03

The game «Find Yourself in Marketing!» at «Kerameya»

2017 03 04 2

Once again, the game «Find Yourself in Marketing!» took place at «Kerameya» 02.03.2017.

«Kerameya» this time surprised with the volume of production, testing of raw materials and products in the laboratory, and also with new assortment position - handmade brick molding.

After meeting during the tour with a full production cycle, the participants of the game were divided into teams and completed the creative task of producers. The idea was to develop a slogan to promote products to overseas markets.

Head of Marketing Merkun I. noted interesting suggestions from the participants of the game, some of which may be realized.

Everyone received a gift. From "Kerameya" in memory everyone can afford to advertise brick manufacturer logo, and from the Department of marketing and MIA of SSU was also a pleasant surprise.

All were delighted with the knowledge and emotions.

We invite you to our next events!

2017 03 04 1

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