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The game "Find yourself in marketing!" at "Gorobyna"

221.02. 2017 9th class pupils of Sumy school № 21 joined the game "Find yourself in marketing!". The game was conducted by the Department of Marketing and MIA of SSU. This time the game was held on the territory of "Gorobyna".

After getting acquainted with the production, full of new emotions and experiences, participants worked in teams play, and then presented their ideas for new drinks TM "Gorobyna" for the youth audience.

Relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the event contributed to the emergence of creative and original ideas that praised the teachers and university employees.

We invite those who want to join the next game. Follow us on social networks.

2017 22 02

Master Class "Self Marketing"

February 15, 2017 a master class "Self Marketing" was held within the contest "Find yourself in marketing!". The speakers were Popatenko Marina and Valery.

The training was attended by 30 people: students of SSU, Engineering College, Cooperative College and the students of Sumy (Alexander Gymnasium, Sumy High School №1, school №9, 10, 15, 29).

Marina Popatenko told about the peculiarities of Center and importance of self marketing for everyone. Valery had three interesting exercises, which helped our guests meet and overcome the certain phenomenon throughout fears.

At the end of the master class we made lottery among participants with interesting gifts and invited them to the next meeting.

2017 19 02

Scholarship Program in China

February 2, 2017 a meeting with the student of specialty "Management of innovative activity" Siomochkina Catherine was held. She won an academic scholarship program in China.

Since 2015 Catherine studied at SSU and Tyanzynsk University. Catherine shared her experience regardin apply for the grant program, described the features of the educational process and students’ life at a Chinese university.

Thank you Catherine for your time and interesting presentation!

2017 03 02 1

2017 03 02 2

Marketing Without Advertising: Myth or Reality?

February 1, 2017 within the contest "Find yourself in marketing!" conducted a training "Marketing Without Advertising: Myth or Reality", which was carried out Karpishchenko M., Ph.D., a practicing marketer with fifteen years of experience, the guru of marketing research.

The training was attended by about 40 people: students of SSU, Engineering College, the Co-operative College and the students of Sumy (Alexander Gymnasium, Sumy High School №1, school number 10, 15, 29).

Marina told about the realities of everyday work in marketing, the way should start practicing marketer. She shared her personal experience in working as a employee and a business owner. The participants also learned why marketing - it's not just advertising.

Participants asked many questions, shared their opinions and answered Marina’s tricky questions. All participants received certificates and were invited to the next training on self-marketing, which will take place February 15, 2017.

2017 02 02

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