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Day of Marketer-Innovator 2013


It would seem that it’s Friday, everyone is waiting for end of the week, the day is coming to an end. And in the hall you hear music, reaching applause, see floating balls. Yes, of course! That's Department of Mmarketing and MIA celebrates " Day of Marketer-Innovator"

Professors, graduates, students and visitors visited the festival. During the concert Dean of the FEM Prokopenko O. and Head of the Department of Marketing and MIA Illyashenko S. welcomed teachers and students with their professional holiday.

Senior students and graduates prepared a rich festive program, told first-year students how fun and great to be a student to study in our department. During the concert has traditionally held dedication and acceptance of 5th year students in the community of marketers, innovators, and was staged festive lottery. First year students presented dance-kontemp, second course prepared the author's poem accompanied by music, third course - a humorous video about student life and song. A 4th year students managed to produce inflammatory sports dance. Students innovators surprised with their talents, such as excellent playing musical instruments.

Graduates welcomed teachers of the department with the holiday in unusual form and awarded diplomas. The final part of the concert had fireworks and a song about real marketing!

We wish our department inspiration, success and talented students.