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The game "Find yourself in marketing!" at "Gorobyna" Ltd.

11.03. 2017 9th class pupils of Sumy school № 18 joined the game "Find yourself in marketing!". The game was conducted by the Department of Marketing and MIA of SSU in cooperation with Sumy business entities. This time the game was held on the territory of "Gorobyna" Ltd.

After getting acquainted with the production, full of new emotions and experiences, participants worked in teams play, and then presented their ideas for new drinks TM "Gorobyna" for the youth audience. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the event contributed to the emergence of creative and original ideas to promote kvass TM "Rowan" in the new summer season. Pupils have proposed innovative packaging, new design for kvass barrels and offered to extend the line of tastes.

We invite those who want to join the next game. Follow us on social networks.

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