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Conference on Marketing and Logistics in Lviv Polytechnic

In the period from 10/25/2018 to 10/27/2018, the head of the Department of Marketing and MIA, professor, doctor habilitated, professor WSEH (Poland) Ilyashenko S.М. and associate professor of the Department of Marketing and MIA, professor, candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Bilovodska O.A. participated with the reports ("University Knowledge Management in the Context of its Innovation Development Concept" and "Staging the Process of Commercialization of Innovative Products") at the XII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Marketing and Logistics in the Management System", held at the National University of Lviv polytechnics". Scientists from Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and others took part in the conference in various forms. Prior to its launch a collection of reports of the conference participants and a professional scientific journal "Bulletin of the National University" Lviv Polytechnic "were published. Series: Logistics."

The conference had an interesting program, which included: plenary and sectional meetings, master classes, excursions to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. She, as always, had a high scientific and organizational level, for which it should be thanked to her unchanging organizer the head of the cafe. marketing and logistics of NU "Lviv Polytechnic", doctor of economics, professor Krykavsky Yevgeny Vasilyevich and his colleagues.


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