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An award ceremony of the participants and winners of the 2nd regional contest "Find yourself in marketing!"

zsumJanuary 27, 2012 in the assembly hall of Sumy State University an awarding ceremony for the participants and winners of the 2nd regional contest "Find yourself in marketing!" took place.

The contest was initiated by the Department of Marketing and MIA with the support of Sumy City Council of Education and Science and the Department of Education and Science of the Sumy Regional State Administration.

This year, the Organizing Committee received 54 works from 77 students of Sumy city and Sumy region.

In each category of the competition the jury determined winners:

1. The best creative work on the subject of "Marketing around me":

  • 1st place - Jana Galeta (Velikopisarevsky school, Sumy region);
  • 2nd place - Alina Torkanevskaya (School № 9, Sumy);
  • 3rd place - Marina Mashkina (Alexandrovskaya Gymnasium, Sumy).

2. The most original presentation as a slide show on the theme "I am a future student":

  • 1st place - Oksana Opariy (School № 24, Sumy);
  • 2nd place - Natalya Koval (Dubovyazovskoy Sumy Specialized School, Sumy region);
  • 3rd place - Olga Korotenko (Khotin specialized school, Sumy region).

3. Best promotional video on the social issues:

  • 1st place - Eugene Pokhil'ko and Alina Zima (School № 15, Sumy), theme - "Problems of live communication";
  • 2nd place - two participants shared: Mitina Julia (Glukhovskaya specialized boarding school I-III, Sumy region) to the work "About mother" and Davydova Daria (Glukhovskaya secondary school № 3, Sumy region) with the work "Drugs harm".
  • 3rd place - Vladislav Rogalski, Oleg Pozniak, Catherine Bosenko and Yuriy Ivakh (Rybalskaya secondary school, Sumy region), theme - "The harm of smoking".


There was also awarded 15 special awards from the faculty of the Department of marketing and MIA, Center of Marketing Researches, Sumy Society for the protection of animals, advertising agency "VIP Media Group", students, student science club "Creative" and Sumy regional federation of mountaineering and rock climbing.

According to the jury all the submitted works are distinguished the creativity, thoroughness of views, high-quality of materials.

The Organizing Committee expresses its gratitude to all the participants and their supervisors for creativity, openness and indifference to the urgent problems of society.

See you next year!


Photoreport on the results of the 2nd contest "Find yourself in Marketing!"

Contest winners works "Find yourself in marketing 2011"