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Victory in the Contest of Scientific Papers on Logistics


On April 12, 2018, on the basis of Ternopil National Economic University, the results of the second round of the Ukrainian Student Competition of Scientific Works in the specialty "Marketing" were summed up.

Authors of 29 works from 20 universities were invited for presentation scientific results at the final conference. 8 of them were presenting their works by Skype. Students Ilona Starkiv (superviser is Doctor of Economics, Professor Illiashenko S.М.) Dariia Zakharchenko (superviser is the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assoc. Bilovodska O.A.) from Sumy State University also had participated at this conference. Representatives of the university showed good preparation and became the winners of the conference.

  • Ilona Starkiv won 2 place with topic "Analysis of profound seller's sex for consumer's choice".
  • Dariia Zakharchenko won 3 place with topic "Strategies of marketing management in the system of distribution innovation products on the B2B and B2C markets".

Congratulations to our students and their science teachers, wish them success in future! 

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