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Awarding Ceremony of the Сontest "Find yourself in marketing!"


Solemn ceremony of rewarding the participants and winners of the artworks "Find yourself in marketing!" took place on December 18, 2014. The competition was attended by pupils of 9-11 grades and students of educational institutions of I and II accreditation levels of Sumy and Sumy region. The competition held on the initiative of the Department of Marketing and MIA SSU supported by the Department of Education and Science of the Sumy City Council and the Department of Education and Science of the Sumy Regional State Administration

Over 100 works from 150 participants led by 35 teachers from Sumy and Sumy region were submitted to organizing committee. Participants had the opportunity to present to the Organizing Committee personal works or teamworks, and competed in four categories:

  • «Advertising polygraphic production»;
  • «Radio, TV and Internet Advertising»;
  • «Marketing around me»;
  • «Internet action».

The sponsors of this year's competition were:

  • Juridical association "Capital Pravis"
  • Tour operator «Young-tour.com»
  • Internet shop «UltraPC.com.ua»
  • Exclusive leather products «Poliakov Leather»
  • «Sumsjka palyanytsya»
  • Professional Development Agency «Slon v shlyape»
  • Store «Svit keramiky» – Agromat
  • Grand Club
  • Cinema-circuit «Planeta kino»
  • Public organization «Territory and Social Marketing Development Center «Ttitoriya»
  • Computer Technics Shop «Compservice.in.ua»
  • Printing House «Papirus»
  • Mary Kay
  • Internet journal «Nashi Sumy»
  • Medical Centre «Vash stomatolog»
  • Beauty salon «Beatriche»
  • «Infolife»
  • Family Restaurant «Testo»


The most popular nomination was "Radio, TV and Internet Advertising," especially - "Actual social issues" (56 works). Also, there is quite numerous nomination "Advertising polygraphic production", which had 35 contestants’ works.

Winners received valuable gifts in their nominations and winners’ team won the Grand Prix - a trip to Lviv.

Jury determined winners in each contest nomination.

Grand Prix

Kablucko Ye. and Kirichenko D. (School №1)

1. Nomination «Radio, TV and Internet Advertising»

Social issues

Direction «Actual social issues»

  • 1st place - Norets Victoria, Sidorenko Anna, Korchaka Anna, Solopchenko Natalia, Tretyak Katerina (College, Romny)
  • 2nd place - Soldatenko Darina (Sumy Region boarding school for talented and creatively gifted children), Litvinova Darya (School №2)
  • 3rd place - Pisanets Polina, Lazarenko Veronica, Lyaschov Vladislav, Yevtushenko Anna, Orlova Julia (School № 4, Sumy)
  • 3rd place - Ignatiev Igor, Reshytko Volodymir (State Boarding school for intensive military and physical training "the Cadet Corps", Sumy)

Special prizes:

  • "For care" - Rybalko Alina (School №7, Lebedyn)
  • "For coverage of extraordinary social ideas" - Reshetylo Aleksander, Kundiy Elizaveta, Vasylenko Anastasia, Kryvosheyenko Artem, Yakovenko Artur (School №5, Ahtyrka)
  • "For the idea of" information world "- Kopot Sergiy (School №3, Trostyanets)
  • "For inspiration and ideology to a healthy lifestyle" - Basenko Elizaveta, Savchenko Elizaveta (Private school "Prosperitas", Sumy)
  • "For promoting the demographic situation in the country" - Yudina Anna (School №2, Glukhiv)
  • "For the sportiness and motivation for healthy living" - Goloborodko Maksim (School №9, Sumy)
  • "For mood and positive emotions" - Shkulyova Katerina, Kovalenko Angelina (Gymnasium №1, Sumy)
  • "For inspiration and optimistic vision of the future" - Kovbasa Tatyana (School №1, Velykochernetchyna)

Direction «I am a patriot of my country»

  • 1st place - Remez Iryna, Zhurenko Maksim, Dyadchenko Maria (College, Romny)
  • 2nd place - Sherudilo Konstantin, Chugay Nikita, Mishchenko Volodymir (School №1, Sumy)
  • 3rd place - Maksimenko Yulia (School №1, Nyzy)

Special prizes:

  • "For the memories and accurate selection of chronicles" - Kornienko Vladislava (Aleksandrivska Gymnasium, Sumy)
  • "For the love to Kobzar" - Krivoruchko Anna, Fisko Olga, Achilova Julia (School №1, Rybaltsy)
  • "For the emotional content of work" - Nyshporenko Eugeniya (Mohrytskiy Educational Complex, Sumy region)
  • "For a creative contribution to the future of Motherland" - Zabiyaka Ruslan (Sosnivskiy Educational Complex)

Commercial advertising

  • 1st place - Starchenko Alina (School №1, Nyzy)
  • 2nd place - Reva Anton (School №15, Sumy)
  • 3rd place - Smolenko Stanislav (School №10, Sumy)

Special prizes:

  • "For radio advertising" - Shevchenko Darina (School №15, Sumy)
  • "For Internet Advertising" - Kulibaba Anna (Secondary school, Bilky)
  • "For Ukrainian authenticity" - Zayets Yana (School №25, Sumy)

2. Nomination «Marketing around me»

  • 1st place - Reva Anton (School №15, Sumy)
  • 2nd place - Pchelnykova Valeria, Yemelyanenko Anna, Cherednyk Iryna, Dihtyarenko Maksim (School №11, Sumy)
  • 3rd place - Doroshkova Olga, Lopandya Myhaylo, Chelikidi-Sinichenko Angelica (Machine-building college SSU) and Tsyndrenko Taisiya (School №10, Sumy)

3. Nomination «Advertising polygraphic production»

  • 1st place - Malysheva Mariya (School №20, Sumy)
  • 2nd place - Yevenko Varvara (School №7, Sumy)
  • 3rd place - Chernyshova Alina, Maksimova Victoria (School №15, Sumy), Kirichenko Dmytro (School №1, Sumy), Zarva Alyona, Balatsenko Kyrylo (School №15, Sumy)

Special prizes:

  • "For packaging" - Levchenko Olga (School №15, Sumy)
  • "For sensations" - Kulbyeda Anastasia, Znaychenko Alyona (School №12, Sumy)
  • "For active life position" - Balatsenko Kyrylo (School №15, Sumy)

4. Nomination “Internet-campaign”

  • Goncharova Marina (School №7, Sumy)
  • Voda Myhaylo (School №15, Sumy)
  • Savchenko Elizaveta

All participants received certificates and gifts. Prizes and winners were awarded by:

  • Head of the jury, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Deputy Head of the Department of Marketing and MIA Belovodskaya Olena;
  • Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics and Business Administration, dean of FEM for educational and organizational work Lyulyov Alexey;
  • Member of the jury, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing and MIA Illyashenko Natalia;
  • Graduate of the Department of Marketing and MIA, Head of Sales «VIP Media Group» Khyzhnyak Marina;
  • Head of the Public organization «Territory and Social Marketing Development Center «Ttitoriya» Gladenko Yury;
  • Member of the jury, a graduate of the Department of Marketing and MIA, PhD Gryshchenko Olena.

Chairman of the jury - Ph.D., Associate Professor, Deputy Head of the Department of Marketing and MIA Belovodskaya Olena noted the high level of work actors as well as creative and innovative vision for solving social problems.

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