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Awarding Ceremony of the Сontest "Find yourself in marketing!"


Ceremony of rewarding the participants and winners of the contest "Find yourself in marketing!" took place on April 19, 2017. The contest was attended by pupils of 9-11 grades and students of educational institutions of I and II accreditation levels of Sumy and Sumy region. The competition held on the initiative of the Department of Marketing and MIA SSU supported by the Department of Education and Science of the Sumy City Council and the Department of Education and Science of the Sumy Regional State Administration

Over 80 works from 100 participants from Sumy and Sumy region were submitted to organizing committee. Participants had the opportunity to present to the Organizing Committee personal works or teamworks, and competed in two categories:

• «Advertising polygraphic production»;

• «Radio, TV and Internet Advertising».

The most popular nomination was "Radio, TV and Internet advertising," and especially social and commercial topics.

The finalists in their nominations received valuable gifts, and the winning team won a trip to Lviv. 

Jury determined winners in each contest nomination.

In each competitive nomination, the jury determined the winners.

Nomination "Radio, TV and Internet advertising"

Social issues

1 place - Reva Anton, Meshkov Yaroslav, Tkachenko Alina (School № 15) for the work "Real Heroes"

2 place - Gura Igor and Fedorenko Ivan (School №1, Nyzy) for the work "You are important" and Anna Kuatchenko (School №1, Nyzy) for the work "Live"

3 place - Klochko Angela and Vostrikova Eleonora (School № 18) for the work "The Path to Success"

Commercial subjects

1 place - Kuratchenko Anna (School №1, Nyzy) for the work "Babina flour"

2 place - Reva Anton (School № 15) for the work "Add colors to your life" and Burlaka Oksana, Isaev Yaroslav, Potekhina Valeriya, Scaliga Alexander and Falco Alena (School № 5, Trostyanets) for the work " Advertising of coffee JACOBS ».

3 place - Marina Oszach, Kuz'ko Yaroslav, Tochilenko Taisia and Banco Victoria (School № 3, Konotop) for the work "Phone-watch" KIDSPHONE "and Evchenko Alina, Saiko Anastasia, Artyushenko Elizaveta and Yaroshenko Adeline (School № 9) for work "The second life of tights."

Special awards were given to:

Shkarupa Victoria and Vinnik Anastasia (School № 5, Akhtyrkа)

Vyalkov Evgeniy (School № 1, Pristajliv)

Samusenko Elizaveta (School №1, Nyzy)

Babich Lina, Isaev Yaroslav, Scaliga Alexander and Falko Alena (School №5, Trostyanets)

Maksimenko Alexandra and Labunets Ekaterina (School №2, Akhtyrka)

All the finalists received certificates and memorable gifts.



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