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2018 31 10

Congratulations to the professor of the Department of Economic Cybernetics and Marketing Management of NTU "KhPI", Senior Research Scientist of the SSU, Julia Shipulinа, with the award of her by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated October 23, 2018, No. 1146 "On Approval of Decisions of the Attestation Board of the Ministry on the Appointment of Scholars and Awards scientific degrees from October 23, 2018 ", the degree of Doctor of Economics in specialty 08.00.04 - Economics and management of enterprises.

Shipulinа Yu. defended her doctoral dissertation on July 4, 2018 on the topic "Methodological principles of formation of innovation-friendly environment in the enterprise".

Colleagues and friends from the Department of Marketing and MIA of SSU congratulate Shipulina Yu. and wish her further success in the scientific and educational field.