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Exchange Activitу

training direction - "Specific categories"

educational level - "Full higher education"

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Program of entrance examination

Specialist in exchange activity has fundamental training in economics, statistics and mathematical modeling, performs mainly analytical and diagnostic tasks on organization and conduct of exchange trading, carries out economic analysis, economic forecasts, generates, collects, organizes, accumulates initial information as to accomplish assigned to him duties, as well as for the department where he works.

An expert in eschange activity, a graduate of the Department of Marketing and MIA, prepared for the performance of professional functions (according to the State Classification of Economic Activities DK 009. 2010):

  • Wholesale trade;
  • Computer programming, consultancy and related activities;
  • Information services;
  • Monetary intermediation;
  • Auxiliary activity in sphere of financial services and insurance;
  • Real estate;
  • Activities of head offices (head-office), consulting on management;
  • Research and experimental development in the field of social sciences and humanities;
  • Promotional activities and research of market conjuncture;
  • Leasing of intellectual property and similar products, except for works protected by copyright;
  • Activities of employment;
  • Education;
  • Public activity.

An expert in marketing able to do the job and occupy positions:

I. Executives of enterprises, institutions and organizations:

  • Executives and other key manufacturing departments
  • Managers of functional departments
  • Managers of small enterprises without the administrative apparatus

II. Managers of enterprises, institutions, organizations and units:

  • Managers in trade, hotels and restaurants establishments
  • Managers in financing activities
  • Managers (stewards) of real estate transactions, leasing, renting and legal advice

III. Professionals and experts:

  • Professionals in field of education
  • Professionals in field of public service, auditing, accounting, labor and employment law, marketing, business efficiency, rationalization of production and intellectual property
  • Professionals in field of archives, museum, library, media and film programs
  • Professionals in fields of economics, sociology, Archeography, archeology, geography, criminology and palaeography
  • Specialists in Finance and trading
  • Agents with commercial services and trade brokers

Specialist in exchange activity prepared to serve as: research, design (designing and engineering), organizational, managerial, technological, control, predictive, technical.

Typical tasks of professional activity of specialist of exchange activity:

  • Analysis of information exchange activities;
  • Search and explore strategic partners and investors;
  • Conducting monitoring market on domestic and international levels;
  • Implementation of consulting services in exchange area;
  • Development of strategic programs and tactical actions in exchange activities;
  • Activity on corporate governance;
  • Organization of asset management;
  • Register of securities owners;
  • Organization trade in the stock markets;
  • Valuation of intellectual property;
  • Transactions with sales of intellectual property.