direction 0305 - "Business and Entrepreneurship"
educational level "Complete higher education"

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Program of entrance examination

An expert in marketing, a graduate of the Department of Marketing and MIA, prepared for the performance of professional functions (according to the State Classification of Economic Activities DK 009-96 (from 22.10.96 № 441):

  1. Wholesale trade and intermediary in trade;
  2. Financial activities: financial intermediation, financial leasing, portfolio management;
  3. Real estate;
  4. Research and development in the humanities and social sciences (economics, organization and management);
  5. Services rendered to mainly legal persons: market research and public opinion research, consultation on business and management, management of enterprises, advertising;
  6. Government: public administration in general economic and social field; support activities in public administration;
  7. Education;
  8. Public activities.

An expert in marketing able to do the job and occupy positions:

I. Supervisors:

  • Heads of Logistics Divisions
  • Managers of other functional units
  • Managers of small businesses without management staff in the wholesale and retail trade
  • Manager on commercial activities and management

II. Professionals:

  • Specialists in marketing, business efficiency, rationalization of production (the sales manager, business efficiency consultant, marketing consultant, advertiser, specialist on methods of market expansion, specialist on public relations and press, analyst and researcher of product market);
  • Scientific workers (economic issues);
  • Economists (Economist, contract and pretentious works, an economist with the Logistics issues, an economist with the planning consultant on economic issues; columnist on economic issues).

An expert in marketing prepared to perform the functions: a planned, organizational, managerial, research, consultancy and teaching.

Typical tasks of a professional activity for specialist in marketing:

  1. Preparing prospective and current plans;
  2. Preparation of the regulatory framework;
  3. Planning measures to improve production efficiency;
  4. Adjustment of plans;
  5. Organization of service marketing;
  6. Implementation of action plans;
  7. Consulting activities;
  8. Control over the implementation of targets and agreements;
  9. Research the environment: marketing activities and market conditions;
  10. Research on improving the effectiveness of marketing activities