"Management of innovative activity"
direction 0108 - "Specific Categories"
educational level "Complete higher education"

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Program of entrance examination

An expert in Management of innovative activity mostly performs diagnostic and partly heuristic professional and social-production tasks, makes economic calculations, collects, organizes, accumulates primary information to carry out assigned official duties and for the needs of the department, where he works.

An expert in Management of innovative activity can occupy positions in:

  • management of enterprises and organizations
  • counseling centers;
  • consulting organizations;
  • innovative structures of central government and regional governments;
  • Innovative funds;
  • innovative financial institutions;
  • scientific-production complexes;
  • financial and industrial groups;
  • technoparks.

The main areas of professional activities - managerial, organizational, motivational, controlling, marketing, foreign trade, analytical, technological, research, coordination and integration, educational and methodical.

An expert in the specialty "Management of Innovative Activity" is able to do the job and occupy positions:

I. Heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations:

  • Heads of research units and departments of scientific and technical preparation of production
  • Heads of projects and programs
  • Managers of small businesses without management apparatus

II. Managers of enterprises, institutions, organizations and departments:

  • Managers in flow of data
  • Managers in research and development
  • Manager of Market Research and study of public opinion
  • Managers of commercial activities and management
  • Scientific workers (teaching methods)

III. Professionals in public service, marketing, business efficiency, financial performance, streamline production and intellectual property:

  • Professionals in public service, marketing, business efficiency, financial performance, streamline production and intellectual property
  • Professionals in the field of information and data analysis
  • Professionals in the field of economics
  • Professionals in the field of project and program management.

Professional experience (competence) of specialists in "Management of innovation activity":

  1. ability to identify new opportunities to develop new products (services) and new economic activities (business) and ensure their implementation at high dynamism and uncertainty;
  2. identifying perspective goals and objectives of the company, organization unit;
  3. designing and implementing new business models and formats of business, appropriate technology and product innovation, enterprise or organization;
  4. commercialization of intellectual development with the rights holders;
  5. coordination of traditional and innovative activity;
  6. ensuring a process approach to research, development and promotion of products on the market;
  7. making strategic and tactical innovative solutions within its competence;
  8. coordination of functional departments, institutions and organizations of the through innovative management processes;
  9. intercompany organization of interaction and coordination of mutual interest in creating innovative products;
  10. tactical, with elements of strategy, management of primary units in all stages of the innovation process to minimize the total cost or improve the quality of innovative products or services;
  11. leadership by subordinates;
  12. assessing the effectiveness of innovative projects, using new methods of calculation and study of socio-economic indicators;
  13. ability to create new knowledge, create and develop the knowledge base and ensure effective use of knowledge in the innovation of the enterprise (organization).

An expert in Management of innovative activity prepared to perform functions: planning, organization, motivation, control, coordination, integration, marketing, technological, information-analytical (diagnostic), research, educational and methodical.
Typical tasks of a specialist in innovative activity management:

  1. System analysis of enterprises innovative activity, institutions and organizations;
  2. Development of strategic directions of innovation model and ensuring the competitiveness;
  3. Planning and forecasting of innovative activity;
  4. The organization of innovative activities;
  5. Organizational design;
  6. The organization of intellectual property protection;
  7. The organization of technology transfer;
  8. Development of effective systems of motivation and remuneration;
  9. Creating a favorable social and psychological climate in the team;
  10. Control of innovative activity;
  11. Control the quality of innovative products;
  12. Control of management decisions;
  13. Monitoring compliance with legal provisions and applicable law;
  14. Coordination and regulation of relations between innovative activity participants;
  15. Reconciliation of interests and conflict management;
  16. Commercialization of innovations;
  17. Organization an innovative product selling;
  18. Foreign innovative activity;
  19. Prediction of the dynamics of demand for new products;
  20. Development and studying areas/tools to expand markets for new products;
  21. Technological preparation of production;
  22. Engineering;
  23. Pilot production, tool production;
  24. Diagnostic analysis of the innovation enterprise;
  25. Diagnostic analysis of scientific and technical preparation of production process;
  26. Development of technology innovation;
  27. Participation in the organization of scientific research;
  28. Conducting scientific research;
  29. Participation in the implementation of research results;
  30. Training the employees;
  31. Implementation of educational activities;
  32. Training the personnel.