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Innovative Management: Theoretical, Methodical, and Applied Grounds

monograph cover 2018Illiashenko S.M., Strielkowski W. (eds.). Innovative management: theoretical, methodical, and applied grounds. 1st edition, Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement: Prague, ISBN 978-80-906210-1-5, 296 pages

This monograph continues the book series stemming from the annual international conference «Marketing of innovations and innovations in marketing» that are conducted by the Department of Marketing and Innovation Activity of Sumy State University (Sumy, Ukraine). Contributions of our authors, as well as their conclusions and recommendations deepen the theory of innovative management and marketing of innovations via the development and scientific substantiation of new approaches to improving the organizational and economic mechanism of innovative development management of economic entities at different levels. The contributions in this monograph are based on the practically-oriented approaches and techniques that can be directly applied for the management of innovative development of economic entities at the state, branch, regional levels, as well as the level of individual enterprises and institutions.

Original language: English






Illiashenko S.M., Strielkowski W.


1. The role of innovations in ensuring competitiveness of enterprises

  • Letunovska N.Ye., Provozin N.V., Vashchenko T.V., Strielkowski W.Introduction of breakthrough innovations as a significant factor of forming a highly competitive company’s position 
  • Nagornyi Ye.I., Olefirenko O.M., Shevliuga O.G., Jankurová A.Specific features of competitive relations at innovation active enterprises 
  • Prokopenko O.V., Omelyanenko V.A.Innovation communications within the high-tech sectors development (case of space industry)

2. Strategic management of innovation active enterprises

  • Bozhkova V.V., Goreta L.V., Kiseleva L.Research of methods of strategic analysis of industrial enterprises
  • Garmider L.D., Gonchar L.A.The basic strategy of potential development of the commercial enterprises 
  •   Golysheva I.O., Gryshchenko O.F., Illiashenko N.S., Masár D.The relationship between scientific and educational projects and innovative activities of industrial enterprises on the way of the outstripping development 
  • Zaruba V.Ia. Optimization of the duration of collection of orders on the enterprise’s products

3. Features of innovative development of Ukrainian enterprises in the globalized economy

  • Sager L.Yu., Syhyda L.О., Gryshova I.Current state and prospects for the development of innovative activity of industrial enterprises in Ukraine and the world 
  • Porev S.M.Some European challenges for the Ukrainian innovation system 
  • Gerasymchuk V.H.Risks and threats on the development of foreign economic activity in globalization conditions 
  • Bublyk M.I., Karpiak A.O., Rybytska O.M.The perspectives of IT-industry development  in Ukraine on the basis of data analysis of the world economic forum

4. Features of innovative development of separate regions in Ukraine

  •   Komarnytskyy I.M., Komarnitska G.А.Formation of the innovative development potential in mountainous area of Lviv region 
  • Nikishyna O.V., Bondarenko S.A., Liganenko I.V.The development of grape growing and gardening in Odessa region (logistic approach) 
  •   Kharichkov S.K., Volosiuk M.V., Lukianova Yu.O.Innovative trends in management of the development of Ukrainian port infrastructure

5. Innovative marketing as a tool for economic growth

  •   Kniazevych A.O.Factor model for assessing the effectiveness of innovation market 
  •   Melnyk Yu.M., Sager L.Yu., Niño-Amézquita J. The problems of development of an effective management system of internal communications and ways to overcome them 
  •   Samoylenko I.О., Gnatenko M.K.Activity of electric power engineering enterprises on the basis of socially responsible marketing 
  •   Illiashenko S.M., Shipulina Y.S., Rot-Sierov Ye.V., Strielkowski W.Methodological principles for defining market prospects knowledge of machine-building enterprises 
  •   Boychuk I.V.Management of marketing activities of enterprises on the internet: planning and organization of processes 

6. Logistic support of enterprises innovative development

  • Bilovodska O.A., Niño-Amézquita J., Zielińska A.Transport, transit and personnel potentials in logistic support of innovative distribution system: essence and evaluation 
  •   Syhyda L.О., Jankurová A., Masár D. Criterion basis of marketing channels suitability for innovative products distribution 
  • Gaidabrus N.V., Ruban D.A., Zielińska A. An analysis of logistic service particularities and outsourcer’s impact on its quality on industrial market 

7. Innovations in the regulation of economic and legal relations

  •   Teletov A.S., Teletov D.A.International sanctions in the modern conditions 
  • Pererva P.G., Kosenko A.V., Tkachev M.М, Kobieliev V.M.Innovative compliance of technology to combat corruption 


Illiashenko S.M., Strielkowski W.