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Managing economic growth: marketing, management, and innovations

mmi tytul 2016Illiashenko, S.M., Strielkowski, W. (eds.). Managing economic growth: marketing, management, and innovations. 1st edition, Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement: Prague,ISBN 978-80-906210-0-8, 2016. - 640 pages.

This monograph continues the series of books, that have released the results of International scientific-practical conference «Innovations marketing and innovations in marketing». The scientific results that are presented in the monograph reveal the theoretical-methodological and methodical aspects of innovative development management at different levels of aggregation (individual enterprise or establishment, industry, national economy, etc.) on the basis of innovation marketing, which is considered as the activity which has been directed on search of new spheres and ways of the enterprise potential use, on this basis new products (goods or services) development and technologies of their promotion on the market in order to meet the consumers’ needs and demands more effectively than competitors way due to this, getting profits and ensuring the long-term survival and development in the market.

Original language: English






1. Background for innovative development management 

Sardak S.E., Skrypnyk N.Ye., Bilskaya O.V., Simakhova A.O. Innovation factors of national economy competitive development 

Shevliuga O.G. Peculiarities of scientific research in innovation activity 

Derykolenko O.M. Mathematical economic models of industrial facilities’ venture projects assessment 

Kovalchuk S.V., Fesenko O.M., Nyshchyk R.A. Development and transfer of nanotechnology in Ukraine and the world 

Zhykhor О.B., Baranova V.V., Gula А.S. The innovative processes realization in agro-industrial sector of economy in Ukraine 

2. Methodological aspects of innovative growth management 

Kasianova N.V. Innovations in the development of chaos theory 

Bykova N.V., Goncharenko O.V. The inversion of Ukraine economic development in the context of information society constructing 

Omelyanenko V.A. 

General framework for strategical aspect of national innovation security analytics 

Iakovenko V.S. The complex approach to simulation in the management of socio-economic systems 

Golysheva Ie.O., Gryshchenko O.F. Exchange trade as an innovative form of economic relationships 

3. Regional aspects of innovative growth 

Tkach S.M. New forms of spatial organization of business as a motive force for innovation activity in the region 

Sohatska G.V. Implementation of innovations as a way to provide competitive advantages at the postgraduate business-education market 

Porev S.M. Problems management of Ukrainian local research universities forming 

4. Instrumental support of innovative solutions 

Strokovych G.V. Methodical approach to the management of innovative development 

Labunska S.V. The managerial decision support in innovation cost management 

Prokopishyna O.V. The accountability of innovation management 

Vasilyeva T.A., Makarenko I.O. The role of innovation in corporate reporting in the transformation of accounting method’s elements 



5. Marketing of innovations and its role in the innovative activity 

Babukh І.B., Venher Ye.I. Marketing of innovations: common approaches, tools and strategies 

Bilovodska O.A. Analyze of marketing resources of a region – the base for creation reasonable distribution policy of innovations at industrial enterprises 

Teletov A.S. Marketing and innovative approaches to improvement in the quality of production at the enterprise 

6. Marketing of innovations and its role in the innovative activity 

Letunovska N.Ye. Models of strategic business reconstruction for the management of significant changes in the enterprise activity 

Peresadko G.O., Pidlisna O.V., Gromyko N.G. General theoretical provisions of a company marketing strategic planning 

Hryhorieva L.V. The differences between the marketing approaches of large, medium and small light industry enterprises 

7. Innovative development management of market opportunities of industrial enterprises 

Shipulina Yu.S., Savchenko O.Yu. Conceptual framework of innovation management in industrial plants 

Shipulina Yu.S., Vashchenko T.V. The import substitution strategy implementation at the industrial enterprises amidst stiff competition at international sales markets 

Kravets K.P. Research of concentration of production in the food industry in Ukraine 

Saher L.Yu., Syhyda L.O. The stages of internal communications diagnostics at the industrial enterprise 

Raiko D.V., Tseitlin L.M. Formation of relations between the enterprise and consumers as the basis of the industrial enterprise development 



8. Socio-ethical marketing in the innovative activity: practical aspects 

Orlov P.A. Major factors of increase of business entities social responsibility and their marketing 

Chuprina E.O., Baluеva O.V. Using the potential of social marketing in the process of social and economic integration and adaptation of migrants 

Okhrimenko G.W. Social media marketing (SMM)-tools using in publishing industry in Ukraine: descriptive analysis 

Gheorghe Iu.R., Gheorghe C.M., Purcӑrea V.L. Emotional social innovation: shock advertising in social marketing for health campaigns 

Sowier-Kasprzyk I., Ujma A. Social marketing in promotion of energy-efficient building 

Widawska-Stanisz A. The elements of gamification in the social marketing campaigns 

9. Environmental quality benchmarks of innovative development 

Korenyuk P.I. Management of environment: concepts, essence and contents. Priorities of nature-protecting activity 

Karaieva N.V., Bandurka О.І. Environmental external cost assessment as a tool of Ukrainian energy system management: review of approaches 

Marekha I.S. Innovative factors of the ecological entrepreneurship 

Chechel A.O., Dragomirova Ie.S. Efficiency estimation of innovation projects eco-economic development 

Gumenna I.G., Tiutiunyk I.V. Financing of eco-oriented projects: theory and practice 

Fedulova L.I., Mykolaichuk I.P. Markets of biotechnologies-drivers for social and economic development 

Mishenin Ye.V., Koblianska I.I., Piznyak T.I. Motivational environment and tools of the agricultural land use greening 



10. The realia of modern marketing development 

Oklander M.A., Oklander T.O. Dialectics bases of the marketing theory 

Zhaldak H.P., Shulgina L.M. EU experience in the formation of Ukraine marketing standards 

Nevertiy A.S. Stakeholders’ marketing: interests coordination in the triangle «state-seller-customer» 

Shapovalova E.P. The genesis of marketing partnerships concept and features of its application in the field of services 

Krukowska-Miler A. Relationship marketing challenges in the health care organizations 

Nagornyi Ie.I. Analysis of theoretical and methodological approaches to marketing testing of product innovations 

Yashkina O.I. Price elasticity of demand modeling for novelty goods 

Bozhkova V.V., Bozhkov D.S. Methodological approaches to pricing and price adjustments in the marketing system 

11. Innovations in the communication policy: practical aspects 

Savytska N.L., Zhehus О.V., Afanasieva O.P. Trade marketing modern tools and technologies 

Illiashenko N.S., Melnyk Yu.M., Saher L.Yu. The components of communication policy of Internet-marketing 

Illiashenko S.M., Kolodka A.V. Theoretical and methodological basis of the analysis of the image at the industrial enterprise 

Tomczewska-Popowycz N.Ie. Tourist information system organization for sentimental cultural tourism 

Kowalski S. Manage contacts with customers sports services 

12. Innovations in logistics as a response to business environment changing 

Honchar L.A. Modality of commercial logistics implementation at trade enterprises 

Pitel N.Ya., Alioshkina L.P. Innovations in the logistical system of an enterprise-entity engaged in foreign economic activities 

Harmider L.D. Logistics of flow processes 

Latunova D.A. Research of logistics outsourcing as a factor in the efficient functioning of domestic enterprises